We kindly invite the Geosciences community to submit manuscripts for a possible publication in the Revista Méxicana de Ciencias Geológicas (RMCG). We accept contributions dealing with geological processes of general or global interest, with a main focus on Latin American topics.The Impact Factor of our journal in the Science Citation Index is 0.8 (2022). The RMCG is well positioned in the Scopus 2022 CiteScore with a value of 1.7.

Since January 2018, we use the Open Journal System (OJS), version 3, for all editorial processes, which offers a more user optimized handling of the manuscripts in the web. Additionally, ongoing from volume 34, number 1, all RMCG papers are published with their DOI numbers.

We take the chance in this Editorial to welcome new Associate Editors in our editorial board:

Dr. Lucía Capra Pedol
Her special interests are focused on volcanic risks, cone collapses, origin and emplacement mechanisms of debris avalanche deposits and lahars, computer programs for simulation of gravitational flows to elaborate volcanic risk maps.

Dr. Blanca Prado Pano
She works in soil and environmental sciences in the Institute of Geology at UNAM, evaluating water migration in porous ambients. Her special interest is directed to the structure and porosity of soils.

Dr. Luis Alva Valdivia
His special interests are paleomagnetism, archeomagnetism, magnetostratigraphy, magnetic micro-nanoscopy, interpretation of geophysical data and characterization of metallic mineral deposits.

Dr. Ricardo Barragán Manzo
He studies biostratigraphy and paleobiology of ammonite associations as well as theinvestigation and interpretation of temporal facies successions. Other interest is focused on the analysis of the organic carbon content and carbonates in sedimentary rocks.

Dr. Eric Morales Casique
He works on characterization and modeling of complex hydrogeological systems, the interaction groundwater-superficial waters and stochastic screening of water flows and contaminants in porous and heterogeneous surroundings.

We are very grateful to Drs. Christopher Gomez, José Luis Macías and Avto Gogichaishvili for their important and valuable participation in the editorial committee of the RMCG.

Dr. Peter Schaaf
Dr. Ángel F. Nieto Samaniego